Most of us would have grown up watching some kind of superhero movie when we were younger. Whether it was reading minds or controlling fire, we marveled at their extraordinary gifts and wondered how it’d feel to wield such power.

One franchise I particularly enjoyed watching was the X-Men trilogy…

When was the last time you said something nice to somebody else and genuinely meant it?

I truly believe that cheeky banter is helpful, healthy even, when you’re trying to elevate conversations between close friends and intensify camaraderie. …

I was really afraid of the future when I was younger, particularly because I didn’t have a clear enough picture of what it looked like. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or who I was going to be. …

I genuinely don’t like being around people who constantly blame the world for their problems. Psychologists term this behaviour as psychological projection, which is a defense mechanism employed by their own subconscious in an attempt to cope with negative emotions such as guilt.

As a result, they convince themselves that…

we’ve made our own lives better with different people
and we revel in our history like a museum piece

used to sneak over sunday mornings
when your parents were out
i can still taste the colgate fresh in your mouth

i always felt we had unfinished business
the push and pull of what could’ve beens
but we’re the leads in our own two different movies
and i’ve accepted the ending for what it is

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with watching dance choreography videos on YouTube. I think it’s just so satisfying for me to watch people in their element, doing something that they love.

It’s like when a friend starts talking to you about something they’re passionate about, and they start rambling carelessly about…

When I was studying in Singapore Management University, I was in this student body called the SMU Peer Helpers and it was one of the best decisions I made during those four years.

Essentially, because there is an underlying stigma against seeing the school counsellor, the school felt that students…

Daniel Tow

your damage doesn’t make you broken

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